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2008 Xcelsius Webinars List!

Since BOBJ migrated their website to SAP we’ve found it quite challenging to find anything :( . However, below is a list of links that we thought you might find useful. It not only includes a registration link for our upcoming Webinar tomorrow which features two very well known Xcelsius Gurus: Mico Yuk (of and Ryan Goodman (Centigon Solutions/Xcelsius Evangelist) discussing their ‘Top 10 Excel Tips for Success’, but also a list of other great Xcelsius Webinars for 2008!

* SPECIAL NOTE: We heard that Donald Maccormick might help kick off the 2009 Business Objects Webinar Series (on SCN) with “The Amazing Xcelsius 2008 SDK (and Why It Matters to Everyone).” You won’t want to miss this one! More details next year. :)

  1. Xcelsius Gurus – Top 10 Excel Tips for Success (Upcoming – Dec 17, 2008)
  2. Xtreme Makeover: Xcelsius Edition
  3. Creating Adobe Air Applets from Xcelsius Dashboards
  4. Live Data to your Xcelsius Dashboards
  5. Adding Value to Xcelsius Applications in Xcelsius 2008
  6. Tips & Tricks for Customizing the Xcelsius Application Templates
  7. Which Dashboarding Solution is Right for You
  8. Xcelsius and Query as a Web Service
  9. Creating Xcelsius dashboards off data using LiveOffice
  10. Creating Xcelsius dashboards off data using LiveOffice and publishing it to within salesforce
  11. Getting Started with Xcelsius 2008
  12. Integrating Xcelsius visualizations into Crystal Reports 2008
  13. Step-by-Step Development of a Crystal Xcelsius Web Application
  14. Embedding Crystal Xcelsius into Custom Applications

Enjoy! We hope you find these links useful. :)

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PS – We’d like to hear what kinds of webinars you want to hear? Please send an email with the subject ‘Webinar Topic’ and include a brief explanation of the kind of information you’d like SAP to do a webinar on.

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Tip #10: How to Export Data from your Xcelsius Model?

Common Question:
“Is there a way to export data from my Xcelsius model?”

Simple Answer: Yes, let us introduce you to the Xport Wizard!

As many of you may know, Ryan Goodman, one of the original Xcelsius Evangelist has started his own company Centigon Solutions…and also has his own blog

Since we’ve known Ryan it has really been a pleasure. As an Evangelist of Xcelsius, Ryan was not only a former Xcelsius Consultant at Business Objects…but he continues to create innovative software and most recently Xcelsius 2008 Add-ons for Xcelsius 2008 through his company Centigon Solutions.

Exporting data from your Excel dashboard has never been easier!

Xport Wizard Works in 3 Easy Steps (click on image below for full details)!

Don’t take our word for it! Sign up for a free trial now! Oh, and did we mention that they provide superior support?

We plan to a do a series on Centigon’s components, so be sure to subscribe to the blog not to miss it!

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Which Xcelsius 2008 License to Purchase?

With the recent release of Xcelsius Present,

and the ambiguity surrounding the new licensing structure of
Xcelsius 2008, we thought it might be nice to provide a small Grid which describes which version of Xcelsius 2008 is comparable to the old Xcelsius 4.5 versions. (NOTE: This article is more for current 4.5 users than new 2008 users.)

Remember, if you are going to upgrade or purchase Xcelsius Engage Server you need to download the SP1 version.

Here are links to the 30 Day Free Trials:

  1. Xcelsius Present
  2. Xcelsius 2008 Engage
  3. Xcelsius 2008 Engage Server
  4. Xcelsius Enteprise 2008 (No Free Trials on this one!)

Click here to read more on some of the changes that were made to Xcelsius Enterprise 2008.

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Tip #9: How to Hide your Web Connectivity Buttons (Xcelsius 4.5)!

For those still using Xcelsius 4.5 (good choice) a common question is: “How can I hide my Web Service or XML Data Buttons?”

Solution? Many fail to realize that you can use dynamic visibility to show/hide these components as well.

Read below to find out how:

1. Open the Web Service or XML Data button ‘Property Window’ -> Click on ‘Display Status’

2. Set Dynamic Visibility ‘Display Status’= a blank cell in your Excel Sheet

3. Leave the ‘Display Status Key’ = 1

4. Voila! When you go to ‘Preview Mode’ the buttons are now HIDDEN!

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Tip #7: Xcelsius Dynamic Visibility Video Tutorial!

We get so many questions from new users asking how to use the ‘Dynamic Visibility’ feature in Xcelsius 4.5 & 2008 that we created a short video tutorial!

Before you Press ‘Play’ lets define Dynamic Visibility in Xcelsius: The ability to choose when a specific component is shown on the screen.

The most common method is to use one of the Xcelsius selector components such as the combo box, list view, or toggle button to allow the user to select what he/she wants to see on the dashboard at a given time. There are a few ways to accomplish this, but our tutorial covers the basics. Enjoy!

NOTE: In order to provide the best video quality and sound, please disable popups to view the video.

Need more references? See below for three other websites on the topic:

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Mico Yuk is a 2010 SAP Mentor and the founder of the Xcelsius Guru Network, the Everything Xcelsius blog, and co-founder of Benchmarkers Business Intelligence. To learn more about her, please visit our About Us page.


Xcelsius 2008 Demo Source files found?!

Has anyone ever wondered whatever happened to the Xcelsius 2008 .xlf source files for the demos and samples provided on the current Demo website (see below)?

For those who are familiar with the old Xcelsius 4.5 website you will recall that Business Objects used to provide the .xlf source files for most of their demos.

Well guess what? We think we found some of them! While they are built in 4.5, we don’t see much change from the Xcelsius 2008 to the 4.5 versions besides the logo and background colors! (Who knows? Maybe someone got lazy.)

Nonetheless, here is the link to download those source files:


Might be useful to refer to this article on how to open Xcelsius 4.5 files in Xcelsius 2008.

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Guru Tip #6: How to still purchase Xcelsius 4.5?

Problem: Lately, there here has been a number users asking where and how they can still purchase Xcelsius 4.5 due to the numerous bugs surrounding the current release of Xcelsius 2008. SAP (formerly Business Objects) is no longer selling Xcelsius 4.5.

Well we did some research and found that Amazon is the best place to obtain the software. (Keep in mind that most sites NOW require that they ship you the software as opposed to downloading it online).

1. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Standard Full Product
The Standard version allows the user to create dashboards, scorecards, dynamic charts and graphs, business presentations and much more right from their desktop. This is the most basic version of the software and is great for Excel users who just need a more visually enhanced way to display their data.

Note: This version does not allow the user to connect their dashboards to databases or other outside data sources such as XML etc.

2. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Professional Full Product
Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Professional is for those who want to take their interactive data visualization to the next level. You receive all the capabilities of Crystal Xcelsius Standard, plus advanced components and key features like drill-down animated charts, one-click export to PDF, broad Excel function support, and more. We highly recommend Excel power users start with this version as the addition functionalities can prove most useful.

3. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Pro Upgrade (Standard To Professional)
If you are currently using the Xcelsius 4.5 Standard version and would like to take your visualizations to the next level by upgrading to Xcelsius 4.5 Professional this version is for you!

International buyers please click here to purchase.

** Once you load the software don’t forget to download the latest hotfix here!

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Xcelsius Training Support Calendar

Need Xcelsius 4.5 or 2008 Technical Support?

Use the interactive calendar below to schedule a personal online consultation with one of our Xcelsius Gurus.
What do you get? A phone conversation with one of our Xcelsius Gurus on your schedule to discuss your issue!

If you have any problems using the calendar please contact us. (Don’t worry we hate spam too, and will never share your email address, ever.)