Guru Review #1: "5 Other NEW Cool Features in Xcelsius 2008!"

If you are anywhere in the Xcelsius 2008 online world you are probably aware of the 2 great articles that exist covering this topic:

1. Ryan Goodman’s ‘Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 Features’
2. Maloy Manna’s ‘What’s new in Xcelsius – Top Ten Features’

If not, feel free to click on the links above (after reading below of course). Our goal here was NOT to repeat the same features as those articles,

“But to add 5 Other New COOL features that we found in Xcelsius 2008 that were also worth mentioning. “

1. Cool New Templates! – Finally they included some templates that are worth using. These are great starting places for the design challenged individuals. We really liked some of their layouts and color schemes. Go to File > Templates OR press (Ctrl + T) to view!

2. Print Component - Need to print your dashboard? Simply include this button on your dashboard, click on it, and automatically make the pop up to print appear on your computer screen. Note: We advise doing a ‘Print Preview’ before printing.

3. NEW Country Maps – Xcelsius has finally gone global by including tons of new country maps! No more custom map layovers like in 4.5. Hooray!

4. New Themes – For the Xcelsius designers choose form 3 new themes (ordered by our ratings) namely 1) Nova, 2) Admiral, and 3) iTheme.

Tree Map Component - For those who need to visualize large hierarchical data sets, this one is for you! Utilize the ‘Drill Down’ capability to view more details.

In the following weeks we will cover the use of each item in more details so stay tuned!

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2 Responses to “Guru Review #1: "5 Other NEW Cool Features in Xcelsius 2008!"”

  1. Sarah says:


    is it possible to create a dotted line with xcelsius 2008 in a chart ?


  2. Mico Yuk says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Not without important a custom image that is dotted. There is no dotted lines in Xcelsius out of the box.


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