Guru Tip #1 – Increase Number of Rows in Crystal Xcelsius in Just 2 Steps!

Problem: “I get the following message “Data has been Truncated” when I click to ‘Preview’ dashboard in Crystal Xcelsius. How can I make this go away?

Solution: Increase the Maximum Number of Rows in Crystal Xcelsius.
Note: Business Objects recommends not to exceed 512 rows, however we have increased this number up to 5000 and our models worked fine!

Using Xcelsius 2008:

1. Go to File -> Preferences

2. In Preferences -> ‘Excel Options’ (Change ‘Maximum Number of Rows’)

Using Crystal Xcelsius 4.5:

1. Go to Data -> Maximum Number of Rows (Change ‘Maximum Number of Rows’)

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3 Responses to “Guru Tip #1 – Increase Number of Rows in Crystal Xcelsius in Just 2 Steps!”

  1. Raymond says:

    Hi Xcelsius,

    I even put my max on 2000, because my im using report with 200 records in it.
    But when opening dashboard i see,its still using only 512 rows.
    I check this to add a count in excel to check the number of rows when report is loaded in dashboard

    Hopefully you can help me.

  2. Mico Yuk says:

    Sounds a bit buggy.

    Sorry to say but have you tried an install?


  3. Renata says:

    Hi Xcelsius,

    I tried to increase the number of rows allowed to 2000, but when I try to preview the report, I get the message (sorry about the translation): “error in creating WSF”. Do you know how I fix this?

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