Guru Tip #2 – How To Open Xcelsius 4.5 file in Xcelsius 2008?

Problem: Cannot open Xcelsius 4.5 file in Xcelsius 2008 ?!

Solution: Do NOT directly try to open file in Xcelsius 2008! Open Xcelsius 2008 first and then use File -> Open to find and open Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 file.
Note: This action CANNOT be reversed!! The Xcelsius 4.5 can never open in Xcelsius 2008 again!. Be sure to create a backup copy of all Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 files first.

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1. Open Xcelsius 2008

2. Go to File -> Open

3. Choose Xcesius 4.5 File on PC and click ‘Open’

4. On ‘Save Changes to Untitled? Click ‘Yes’

5. Click ‘OK’ to notification older version notification

5. Voila! Your dashboard is open!

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3 Responses to “Guru Tip #2 – How To Open Xcelsius 4.5 file in Xcelsius 2008?”

  1. Susan Gifford says:

    Can you open Xcelsius 4.5 documents in Xcelsius 4 program. Lost me upgraded version.

  2. Mico Yuk says:

    Hi Susan,

    Typically you cannot open the files in a version lower than the original version it was built in. Hope this helps.


  3. Alfonso says:

    Hi guys

    I have an especial problem case moving Xcelsius 4.5 to Xcelsius 2008

    I open all dashboards created in 4.5 versions on the new Xcelsius 2008, the source of all may dashboards are reports generated in Crystal Reports, and I call them via Live Office connection

    I published them in BO portal but is appearing the following issue:

    When the dashboard has only one crystal connection, the Xcelsius respects the interaction with the filters selected on combos or tables. But if I have more than one connection these funtionality is intermittent (sometimes works and sometimes not)

    We installed the last versions of Live Office (SP5), Xcelsius (SP5), and BO (SP12.3) but it didn´t works, we are thinking to install the BO (12.5) trying to solve the problem, but I don´t think with that will be enough.

    Do you have another idea to solve that?

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