Guru Tip #3: Automate Back up of Xcelsius Files in 2 Steps!

Problem: “My Xcelsius source file is corrupt. Cannot preview or open! File lost. Please help?”

Bad News First: Unless you did what we are suggesting below ALREADY, your current file is lost. We suggest looking through old sent emails for older versions of your file or contacting your company’s IT department to find out more about retrieving your file from their last back up of your laptop. No one knows exactly why this happens. Sorry.

No more tears, now here is what you do!

Xcelsius 4.5 Solution: Using Automatic Back-up Option will automatically create a back up copy of your file in the same folder each time you save.

Xcelsius 2008 Solution: Unfortunately, there is no way to do this automatically. However we suggest saving a copy of your file at least 2xs per day, or utilizing different version names for your files such as test_v1.0.xlf, test_v2.0.xlf. As a general rule we continue to build / maintain our Excel sheets externally so that if the Xcelsius model is lost at least the Excel sheet is not!
Note: We are hoping that Business Objects will put this feature back into Xcelsius 2008 please!!!

In Xcelsius 4.5:

1. Go to Tools -> Options

2. Check “Always Create back up Copy” and Select ‘OK”

3. Voila! You’re done! (If your file ever becomes corrupt, delete it, open the back up copy and rename to current file name)! Oh, be sure to have the option checked off!

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