Interested in Reporting? New SAP Crystal Reports Content Coming Soon

Welcome to the first of many posts on Everything Xcelsius that will cover Crystal Reports. The goal for this post is to introduce myself and explain the series of posts that you will be seeing over the coming months. So let’s get straight to the first of these topics.

My name is Coy Yonce and I’m one of the Product Owners who work on the Crystal Reports product. If you are not familiar with the agile approach to product development, then you may not be familiar with the role of a Product Owner. In essence, I’m a Product Manager and I help create the backlog of features that the development will be building from one release to the next. My role as ¬†Product Owner is a bit different from the role of the other Product Owners on the Crystal Reports team. In all, there are seven of us. The other six work directly with a team of developers and guide those developers during the building of features. My role is that of an outbound Product Owner. I focus on leading conversations with customers and partners so that we have an understanding of what they want to see us include in upcoming versions of the product. As such, I am fairly active on Twitter, blog every so often, conduct surveys, co-host influence council meetings, write articles, interact on forum posts, and monitor ideas on SAP IdeaPlace. I’m sure that there are a few other things as well, but that’s most of it.

Over the next few months, you will see several posts from me. They will be organized into a series of posts on somewhat tactical topics. I have provided an brief overview of the series below. I have listed them in the order that I plan to write; however, I may get a bit sidetracked as I encounter an interesting topic or discussion.

Introduction to SAP Crystal Reports and Enterprise Reporting
This will likely be a single post and will provide an overview of Enterprise Reporting, the market, and how Crystal Reports fits in.

Types of Reports
More than likely, this will be delivered over four posts with each covering a major category of report types that are typically created using Crystal Reports.

Major Features
Again, probably a series of numerous posts with each discussing a category of features that are used together for creating reports in Crystal Reports.

Design Considerations
This series will focus on designing effective reports. Specifically, it will demonstrate how to create reports that follow information design best practices.

Connecting to Data
Crystal Reports currently has over 50 available connections available. This series will focus on not only the types of data available for creating reports, but specific considerations for building reports against some of those data sources.

Sharing Reports
Once you’ve created your reports, you need to distribute them. This series will focus on the methods available for delivering your reports.

Embedding Reports
Crystal Reports has a very large ecosystem of developers from OEM partners and ISVs. Much of what they do is embed pre-built reports into their applications or generate reports at runtime based on data from their applications. This series will focus on how to embed Crystal Reports and leverage your application data.

As you can see the topics are quite broad and will encompass a significant number of posts. As mentioned above, I will attempt to cover these topics in order; however, I may need to skip around a bit to cover a set of related topics properly. In any case, I look forward to blogging on Everything Xcelsius and would like to thank Mico and Soo for the opportunity to interact with such a diverse audience.

Thanks for reading.

Coy Yonce is a Crystal Reports Product Owner at SAP and has worked in Business Intelligence for over 10 years. His  main focus is leading conversations with customers and partners and is very active in the BI community. You may reach out to him directly via email at or follow him on twitter: @coyyonce.

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12 Responses to “Interested in Reporting? New SAP Crystal Reports Content Coming Soon”

  1. Dave Drennan says:

    Coy – looking forward your blog series!

  2. santosh says:

    Hello Coy, welcome to Everything Xcelsius. I am one of the fan who follow Everything Xcelsius closely, looks like you will be covering very interesting topics in Crystal Reports. Thanks for sharing your knowledge here, definitely looking forward to your blog.

  3. Leonid Koyfman says:

    Hello Coy,
    I’m glad to see a new name on Everything Xcelsius. You’ve chosen a good topic. I worked with Crystal Reports starting with version 6 and always liked its intuitive interface and ease of integrating with other applications.

    As this site name implies, it would be nice to see among the topics you’ll be covering some good examples of Xcelsius models embedded into Crystal Reports and recommendations on this type of integration.

  4. Kelly says:

    With your insider’s edge, I look forward to your posts and sharing of knowledge!

  5. Rajen says:

    Hi people at everything xcelsius

    This site is an excellent resource for Xcelsius news.

    But, isn’t this series out side the scope of this website? If not, can some one start from the SAP team start posting insider expert knowledge about Webintelligence and Universes?


  6. Rich Zak says:

    Hi Coy,
    Fancy meeting you here.

  7. Mico Yuk says:

    Great feedback. It’s not as we are about to change our name and also include more content like the one suggested very soon. Stay tuned.


  8. cyonce says:

    Hello all! Thank you for the wonderful welcome and comments. I’m definitely looking forward to interacting with everyone. I apologize for the late response to your comments. There were some technical mishaps on my side. I won’t bother going into details.

    To answer some specific questions from above:
    @Leonid – Great point! I’ll definitely include some details about how to integrate Xcelsius and Crystal Reports content. Mico did an excellent job of covering this during the Reportapolooza. So I’ll work with her to determine what additional details we can cover in that area.

    @Rajen – As Mico has already stated, this is part of a larger initiative that she has planned. I expect that you will be quite pleased with what is to come.

  9. Ryan Goodman says:

    Glad to have you on board!!! Can’t wait to see your topics come to life and take off in this community.

  10. Jose Barnils says:

    Interesting!! Waiting for the first post!

  11. Adnan says:

    Eagerly, keeping a close eye on the posts related to this topic..

  12. Mico Yuk says:

    Sorry, we’re working on our new initiative where this will be included.


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