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The Everything Xcelsius Weblog is the fastest growing Xcelsius community on the web! It is a place where developers and clients alike can come to gain more information about SAP’s Crystal Xcelsius software.

Found and operated by Gurus on the tool, our goal is to provide Xcelsius tips,
reviews, training, resources and news to support the amateur and advance use of the software.

After working with a number of clients, we identified a clear need to centralize all Xcelsius related information, and this blog is the result of that effort. To find out more about ‘How to use This Blog’ please keep reading.

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Who are the Xcelsius Gurus?

The Xcelsius Gurus is a network of software professionals who are committed to the mastery of the Xcelsius product set and have a passion for delivering excellence in Xcelsius implementations. Over the years we have implemented 100′s of dashboards for a number of clients worldwide.

Client List

What We Do

We can assist in the following areas:

  1. Converting Xcelsius 4.5 models to Xcelsius 2008 (upgrade design at minimal cost)!
  2. Dashboard Optimization (no more slow running dashboards)!
  3. Assist with high level Xcelsius Architecture (we can work with your developers)!
  4. Implement Xcelsius Best Practices
  5. Professional Xcelsius Dashboard Design & Layout (4.5 / 2008)
  6. Integrating dashboards to backend databases (SQL, Oracle, etc)
  7. Automating process of importing data from multiple sources (Excel, SQL, etc.)
  8. Deploying dashboard to Intranet & Extranet
  9. Connecting to Web Services (Query as a Web Service, Java, many more)
  10. Connecting to Live Office
  11. Automating Excel worksheets (outside of Xcelsius)!

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2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Gary Chan says:

    We want to display Xcelsius swf dashboard on our SharePoint site. However, we can’t find a way to do auto refresh when data in Excel changed. Do you guys have a solution?

  2. Soo Tang Yuk says:

    Yes, at the top of the page it says Email newsletter.