2008 Xcelsius Webinars List!

Since BOBJ migrated their website to SAP we’ve found it quite challenging to find anything :( . However, below is a list of links that we thought you might find useful. It not only includes a registration link for our upcoming Webinar tomorrow which features two very well known Xcelsius Gurus: Mico Yuk (of and Ryan Goodman (Centigon Solutions/Xcelsius Evangelist) discussing their ‘Top 10 Excel Tips for Success’, but also a list of other great Xcelsius Webinars for 2008!

* SPECIAL NOTE: We heard that Donald Maccormick might help kick off the 2009 Business Objects Webinar Series (on SCN) with “The Amazing Xcelsius 2008 SDK (and Why It Matters to Everyone).” You won’t want to miss this one! More details next year. :)

  1. Xcelsius Gurus – Top 10 Excel Tips for Success (Upcoming – Dec 17, 2008)
  2. Xtreme Makeover: Xcelsius Edition
  3. Creating Adobe Air Applets from Xcelsius Dashboards
  4. Live Data to your Xcelsius Dashboards
  5. Adding Value to Xcelsius Applications in Xcelsius 2008
  6. Tips & Tricks for Customizing the Xcelsius Application Templates
  7. Which Dashboarding Solution is Right for You
  8. Xcelsius and Query as a Web Service
  9. Creating Xcelsius dashboards off data using LiveOffice
  10. Creating Xcelsius dashboards off data using LiveOffice and publishing it to within salesforce
  11. Getting Started with Xcelsius 2008
  12. Integrating Xcelsius visualizations into Crystal Reports 2008
  13. Step-by-Step Development of a Crystal Xcelsius Web Application
  14. Embedding Crystal Xcelsius into Custom Applications

Enjoy! We hope you find these links useful. :)

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PS – We’d like to hear what kinds of webinars you want to hear? Please send an email with the subject ‘Webinar Topic’ and include a brief explanation of the kind of information you’d like SAP to do a webinar on.

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