More on BOBJ’s Xcelsius Publishing Plugin…

After our first announcement of the Xcelsius Publishing Plugin, a number of readers asked us to post more details. We leaned on SAP/BOBJ Labs to help us provide you with more information. To clarify, the Plugin is simply a utility that when installed utilizes the Publishing capabilities in BOE XI Publishing framework to publish your dashboard in a defined timely manner with the requested snapshot of data.

Below are some further details on how the Xcelsius Publishing Plugin works, compliments of the BOBJ Lab (clearly one of the coolest departments in BOBJ)!

The Xcelsius Publishing Plugin brings the power of the Business Objects Enterprise (BOE) XI publishing framework to Xcelsius. The publishing framework contains a rich set of capabilities to allow Business Objects BI content (and now Xcelsius!) to be published to a broad set of recipients.

Using the publishing framework/plugin along with your dashboard, enables you to:

  • Identify a set of recipients to which your dashboard will be distributed
  • Use industry-leading tools such as Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports to gather the data to be included
  • Personalize each dashboard by including only the data specific to each recipient
  • Define how your dashboards should be distributed (e.g. sent to each recipient via email, or dropped in a shared folder)
  • Schedule your dashboard to be distributed as often as your needs require.

BOE XI and the Xcelsius Publishing Plugin streamline and automate the publication of your dashboard to your users. All this can be accomplished without the development of any additional scripts or custom code; everything you need is at your fingertips!
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So there you have it!

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3 Responses to “More on BOBJ’s Xcelsius Publishing Plugin…”

  1. Mohanraj CP says:

    I have tried to download and try this utility. But looks like the package is incomplete. The help document talks about a batch.exe file which was not available as part of the package.

    Do you have the complete package? Can you help us to get access to the same?


  2. Mico Yuk says:


    As far as we know SAP is not continuing the development of this product, and I think they removed the batch.exe file for this reason. Sorry.


  3. Gopi says:


    So in this case if SAP has removed this batch.exe we may not be able to Schedule SAP Xcelsius Dash Board right


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