New Web Intelligence Suite..Live Office Alternative?

We are always hunting for new and exciting tools that will help you extend the capabilities of your Xcelsius 2008 Dashboards. With the new Xcelsius SDK, companies like Antivia and Centigon Solutions are making it easier to leverage your Xcelsius 2008 dashboards.

If you attended the conference in Dallas you may have heard about this…. a UK based company named Antivia (BOBJ technology partner) is about to release what they are calling ‘The Web Intelligence Suite’.

The Web Intelligence Suite allows users to access their data and leverage the drill down capabilities of their Web Intelligence reports directly in their Xcelsius 2008 dashboards. Kiss Live Office goodbye! Not only is the tool more scalable, but utilizing features such as the ‘Slice and Dice Panel’ makes it easy to access and set up your Webi Data in Xcelsius 2008.

This product is not currently available on the Antivia website (as we told you this is brand new), but for more information please contact Antivia at

If your not familiar with Antivia we recommend checking out the links below:

  1. Antivia Desktop (The first BOBJ social networking add on)
  2. Contact Antivia

We will provide more information on this product in a later post.

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