NEWS ALERT! Xcelsius 2008 FP3.3 is out (with support for Windows 7)

Hi Everyone,

Last week we announced the release of Crystal Dashboard and Presentation Design (Xcelsius 2008) Fix Pack 3.3 (FP3.3) on twitter and wanted to follow up with an official post. (See the official post by Matt Lloyd here on the SCN Forums) The Fix Pack must be applied to Crystal Dashboard and Presentation Design (Xcelsius 2008) SP3 (version:, FP3.1 or FP3.2. If you don’t already have it installed, please click here.

To download FP3.3 now, click here. Please be aware…there are two different versions available to download:

  1. The Xcelsius Present 2008 Fix Pack 3.3 patch is for Xcelsius 2008 SP3 Present only
  2. The Xcelsius Enterprise 2008 Fix Pack 3.3 patch is both for Xcelsius 2008 SP3 Engage and Enterprise.

After FP3.3 is applied, the version number should change to version:

The documentation is delayed, but will be available shortly from the SAP help portal. All your Crystal Dashboard and Presentation Design (Xcelsius) guides can be found by visiting the SAP BusinessObjects Solution Portfolio Knowledge Center. As soon as the documentation is available, we will know, so YOU will know as well!  STAY TUNED!!

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Soo Tang Yuk is the ‘Xcelsius Gurus Network” community manager and evangelist. To find out more about her, please visit the About Us page.

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6 Responses to “NEWS ALERT! Xcelsius 2008 FP3.3 is out (with support for Windows 7)”

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  3. FreshBrandon says:

    After I installed this fix pack / hot fix, Xcelsius was crashing either on launch or when I tried to open the Add-On Manager (to install my beloved GMaps).

    Xavier Hacking did a good write up on it here:


    When installing SP3.3 (Hot Fix 3) on Windows 7 (and apparently Vista), you need to take a few special (and dare I say elusive) actions.

    1) Right click setup.exe and select “run as administrator”
    2) When it finishes installing, it will tell you “This program may not have installed correctly.” At this point, you must choose “Reinstall using recommended settings”.
    3) When this completes, right click on Xcelsius 2008, and in the “Privilege” tab under “Compatibility” select “Run this program as an administrator”.
    4) Then, it will ask you if you “Do you allow this program to make changes to your computer.” Select “Yes”. Apparently, this happens every time you open Xcelsius. BUZZ KILL!

    Then you should be set to go.

  4. Chris says:

    I updated to FP 3.3 but now xcelsius does not play nicely with my older files. I had some that had Macros in the excel portion to save time in generating the back end.

    Now I get a VB Error “File Not Found” when generating SWFS

    My work around.
    1) Change the extention to .zip
    2) pull out the XLDOC form from the zip
    3) add the .xls extention to the XLDOC
    4) open the XLDOC.xls with Excel
    5) Remove all vba code and forms
    6) save the file
    7) rename it to the original XLDOC
    8) put the XLDOC file back into the Zip replacing the original
    9) Rename the .zip file to .xlf
    10) open with Xcelsius and I can now export SWFS again.

    This is a very long process does anyone else have better work around. Maybe one that would allow me to keep my Macros?

  5. Laurence Resubal says:

    Hi Gurus,

    I noticed that the PLAY SELECTOR component will not automatically play when you click the RESET button, even if you already checked the PLAY AUTOMATICALLY as well as other options.

    It works in FP 2.1 and I only tested this problem with FP 3.3

    Could anyone validate that this is an issue that SAP need to fix in the release.

  6. robert says:

    thanks for the tip, xlf worked fine until i saved it then complained about the VB missing file and refused to reopen edditted the xldoc file as above and it worked !

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