News: Xcelsius 2008 SP1 Fix Pack 1 Available!

(11/3 Update – FP1 Link now works..Sorry) Our sources in Business Objects an SAP Company has just informed us of 2 major updates that will affect all Xcelsius 2008 users starting this week:

Great news for ALL Xcelsius 2008 Users!

  1. Xcelsius 2008 SP1 Fix Pack 1 (click to download) is now Available! (Read the list of fixes here)
  2. Mark your calendar – SAP plans to provide Fix Packs every 2 months!

Many major issues have been fixed so PLEASE read through the FP1 Issues Fixed PDF by downloading here. We are VERY impressed…it’s clear that SAP has been hard at work!

If you recall in July 2008 we reported that SAP released Xcelsius 2008 SP1. So now you may be asking yourself, hmm…what is the difference between a Fix Pack and a Service Pack?

  1. Fix Pack - Addresses a small number of bugs
  2. Service Pack – Also addresses a small number of bugs BUT it also introduces new features into the software

Is your issue missing from this list?? Please send an email to and we will forward it to our SAP sources. While we cannot guarantee that it will appear in the next Fix Pack, we can tell you that SAP is listening. :) Is there someone that you think may be interested in this article? Feel free to share (click below).

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