NEWS: Xcelsius PowerPoint & Adobe Flash 10.1 Issue


If you are the average Xcelsius user who demos dashboards on a regular basis via PowerPoint you’ve probably encountered the issue seen below when you try to view your dashboards in PPT after updating to Adobe Flash Player 10.1  As you can see this issue has been looming for about a month now, and there is finally a solution.

This week SAP informed us that they’ve finally been able to work with Adobe to create a patch.  The good  news?  While Adobe will not be releasing the patch until another week or so, anyone who desperately needs it can contact SAP support to obtain it early!

Here is Adobe’s official announcement.

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Mico Yuk is a 2010 SAP Mentor and the founder of the Xcelsius Guru Network and the Everything Xcelsius blog. To learn more about her, please visit our About Us page.

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  2. Roeland says:

    While the patch itself is great it only fixes the problem for clients you have control over. Upgrading the flash player in your own organisation is typically doable. However, it brought much harm to anyone delivering their dashboards to external clients. Harm that can never be undone.

    Why? Because we will always have legacy installations that may not be able to view the embedded Flash. The problem is in Flash, we are depending on people upgrading their Flash player. Seeing the hype/frenzy by Adobe to push everybody to 10.1, we can probably wait for a long time for people to have moved on. Hence due to this bug, for the coming years, we will have to package our dashboard and PPT apart totally destroying this feature.

    It is a shame this situations exists, and it is there and we have to deal with it. But no respect for Adobe. The fact that this release passed their quality tests is laughable. I mean, if you change the hooks in your Flash player for the main technology you try to push for rich client representations, you would expect rigorous testing. But I guess not speed to market is too important nowadays.

    Thank you SAP for putting in a dime for us and chasing up Adobe. Not just by us, but by probably all Flex developers. And thank you Adobe for making my delivery painful.

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