Reportapalooza Challenge One Results!

Hi Folks,

As winner of Challenge #1, and on behalf of not just myself but the other 4 experts, I just want to say THANKS to everyone for your ongoing support and participation in this Reportapalooza competition. It’s really YOU the community, (the partners, customers, fellow reporters)… who make this exciting for us!

I can’t even express in this message what fun it is working with such fine fellow experts. It’s incredible the amount of expertise we have in this competition and I am just humbled to be a part of such an elite cast. It’s quite a learning experience for me and the support from the fellow experts, Jamie Oswald, David Deitch, Brian Durning and, Jim Brogden has been unparalleled.

As you can see, we all put in a great deal of time and work so that you would be happy with our entries and based on the feedback, we succeeded. We look forward to putting out more exciting dashboards and videos in the next few weeks so continue to flood us with your input.

It’s only just begun so let’s get the Fall kicked off. We are ready for Challenge #2! :-)

I originally posted this on SAP Crystal Reports and Dashboard Design Facebook Fanpage, but wanted to extend my thanks here as well…

Mico Yuk is a 2010 SAP Mentor and the founder of the Xcelsius Gurus Network and the Everything Xcelsius blog. To learn more about her, please visit our About Us page.

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13 Responses to “Reportapalooza Challenge One Results!”

  1. Kalyan Verma says:

    Congratulations Mico. Your Coffee Viz was slick. I’m not surprised you won.

  2. Mico Yuk says:

    Thanks again Kalyan. Glad to let folks know what they are really spending on coffee each year LOL .

  3. Fred Knaut says:

    Not surprised, I voted for yours as well. I evaluated each one and looked not for what makes it stand out but rather what makes it much like any other dashboard and eliminated those that had the most commonalities and yours had the least (if any).

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  5. Congratulations on an awesome job. You’ve set the bar really high for yourself — I can’t wait to see your video!

  6. Mico Yuk says:

    Thanks for the support Dora. Let me say up front that my video skills are nowhere close though, so lets see. :-)

  7. Mico Yuk says:

    Thanks Frank. That’s an interesting way to look at it. I was trying to go for cool and out of the box type stuff that folks would fun and interesting as opposed to a typical dashboard.

  8. Rich Herman says:

    Great dashboard, Mico. Although the other entries were very good, yours left me wondering how in the bleep you did certain things; I still have a lot to learn ;-)

  9. Jim Brogden says:

    Great dashboard! You really showed how to take Xcelsius in a more creative direction than most people were expecting.

  10. Mico Yuk says:

    Hi Rick,

    Yea I got that comment alot. I may be starting a series of webinars in Nov after the competition for our community to do the show ‘how’. Stay posted and thanks for the support and great feedback. :-)


  11. Mico Yuk says:

    @Jim Thanks again. Yours was awesome too.

    For those who don’t know the difference between Jim and my dashboard is that I imported outside graphics while Jim did all his lovely graphics using only Xcelsius components which was really done well and the reality for most developers.


  12. Harry says:

    Ditto on the praise for the winning dashboard, well deserved! I just noticed your in the ATL! Any Xcelsius user groups here that your aware of (or would like to start up!) ? Keep up the inspiring work.


  13. Mico Yuk says:

    Thanks Harry. I really appreciate the support.

    Nothing in ATL to date, but we can surely change that in the near future.

    Best Regards,
    Mico Yuk

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