Xcelsius 2008 Demo Source files found?!

Has anyone ever wondered whatever happened to the Xcelsius 2008 .xlf source files for the demos and samples provided on the current Demo website (see below)?

For those who are familiar with the old Xcelsius 4.5 website you will recall that Business Objects used to provide the .xlf source files for most of their demos.

Well guess what? We think we found some of them! While they are built in 4.5, we don’t see much change from the Xcelsius 2008 to the 4.5 versions besides the logo and background colors! (Who knows? Maybe someone got lazy.)

Nonetheless, here is the link to download those source files:


Might be useful to refer to this article on how to open Xcelsius 4.5 files in Xcelsius 2008.

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