Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.1 (FP3.1) Documentation is Available!!

As promised, we are letting you know first that the Xcelsius Fix Pack 3.1 (FP3.1) Documentation is available to explore. There are two different documents available:

  1. SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius 2008 FP3.1 What’s Fixed
  2. SAP BusinessObjects Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.1 Release Notes

We will follow up with another post, once we finalize our evaluation!! Have a great weekend!

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5 Responses to “Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.1 (FP3.1) Documentation is Available!!”

  1. Ola says:

    =INDIRECT() is still forgotten and not supported.

    In the FP 3.1 release note documentation (page 20), there is no mention that =INDIRECT() is wrongly mentioned as supported. It only says =IFERROR() is wrongly mentioned to be supported.
    In the SP 3.0 documentation (page 190) it says =INDIRECT() is supported.

    This indicates (once more) the development team has no understanding of the value of the =INDIRECT() function.

    So let’s try to explain the value of the =INDIRECT() function.
    In a Master sheet you can have a cell where we input Country (France, UK, Brazil, US, etc).
    Each country information is located on a Separate sheet. By changing the single cell all information from each sheet can be moved to the master sheet. For example, cell A1 is US. Cell B2 in the Master sheet has the formula =INDIRECT(A1&”!”B1″) —> =INDIRECT(US!B1).
    =INDIRECT() is the Only formula that can do this (convert a text reference to a cell area).

    Now let´’s say that row B1 on each sheet has the country average, and row 2, 3, 4 … etc has all the values for each region or state. So we would now like to select both Country and Region.

    In the Master sheet we have region in cell A2 = Oregon, and in A3 we have the formula =MATCH(A2, A3:A54,0) that gives Oregon the number 20. So we change the formula to =INDIRECT(A1&”!B”&A3).
    This gives us the possibility to reference a large amount of information stored on any number of sheets.

    If the reference cell is specified on the Master sheet, it enables a single cellformula in the Master sheet to transfer all selected information from the Country sheet, and cells in that sheet to the Master sheet.

    =INDIRECT() is far more potent then a number of other formulas that are already supported.
    Otherwise I look forward to see Array formulas (Ctrl+Shift+Enter) work.

  2. Ola says:

    =ADDRESS() is supported to convert ‘a cell reference to text’.
    But =INDIRECT() is not supported that could convert ‘the cell reference as text’ to ‘a value’.

  3. Ola says:

    I just read the 3.1 release notes.
    That =INDIRECT() is not supported, is a known issue.
    The Xcelsius manual says =INDIRECT() is supported but it is not. Many have reported this.
    It’s a known issue but in the 3.1 release notes it is not mention as a known issue.

  4. Reid says:

    I agree, this is a super valuable function for reading data off multiple sheets and allowing selectability. Also, if it says it is supported, then idiots like me believe it and spend several hours designing a report feature based around it only to find it doesn’t work. bummer.

  5. Vadim says:

    Xcelsius fail to implement support for =INDIRECT(), again.
    You can not create any serious Xcelsius application without =INDIRECT()

    Either, the Xcelsius group don’t fully understand Excel, or they can’t make the code. Either way, it been a disappoint for too many years.

    Xcelsius снова не поддерживает =ДВССЫЛ(). Нельзя создать сложное приложение без =ДВССЫЛ().

    Во всяком случае, или разработчики Xcelsius (SAP BO) не разбираются в MS EXCEL, или они не могут осилить код. Во всяком случае, это огорчает уже много лет.

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