Pictures from the Xcelsius Community Event at GBN 2009

Hi Everyone, We have some pictures to share with everyone that could not attend the Xcelsius Community Event at SAP BusinessObjects User Conference 2009, thanks to Natasha Lloyd. See all the pics at Don’t forget to check out our new Facebook Fan Page for more on the Event! Thanks, Soo

GBN ‘Bringing the Xcelsius Community to Life Event’ 10/20 @ 5:30pm CST!

Hi Everyone, I know that I have been announcing this on twitter and my Linkedin status for some time, but it seems like the invites finally went out on 10/9 for the exclusive ‘Bringing the Xcelsius Community to Life Event’ this year at the GBN Conference in Dallas Texas.  It is being sponsored by SAP [...]

Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 1 Pre-Released

We first discovered it on Friday 9/25/09 ourselves.  It’s true,  Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 2, Fix Pack 1 is available for download on the SAP download site.  See below: When asked why it was not announced, SAP stated that they are waiting for the ‘Fixed Issues’ PDF to be posted on or before October 16th [...]

Xcelsius Summer 2009 Events!

Hi Everyone, As you’ve probably noticed we have been very slow in posting over the summer. I personally had a serious case of writer’s block that stemmed from social media overload, from which I am now happily recovered. For those who don’t know, you can now follow us on Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  The [...]

Formatting, Visibility and Watermarks

First off, there’s a new forum on the SAP site dedicated to the Xcelsius SDK – nice! After running through the Xcelsius SDK forum, I noticed a few quick-win issues posted that I’d like to lend a hand on. The issues are: Dynamic Visibility Number Formatting and…Flex Charting Watermarks (a very annoying problem).

Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 2 (SP2) is HERE!!

Please download SP2 directly from SAP Software Download Site. This download applies to Xcelsius Engage, Engage Server and Enterprise. Not Xcelsius Present. For information on how to install it, please visit the Documentation Site Which includes the following: • What’s Fixed in Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 2 • What’s New in Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack [...]

Ryan Goodman’s Take on “Flashy vs. Few”

The flashy aesthetics of Xcelsius has always been a debate sparked by data visualization experts and designers who like the “shiny” graphics provided by Xcelsius and other technologies. I disagree with customers or developers who passionately desire Flashy graphics over what Few emphasizes as well executed dashboard design by maximizing every inch of screen real estate.

Video: Show Chart Values without Hovering

One of the more annoying things about Xcelsius charts is its inability to show data lables. That is to say, you can’t see the values of each data point on a chart without hovering over each point. In this video, I show you how you can leverage one of Excel’s oldest tricks to actually show [...]

Xcelsius Guru Network Seeking Developers!

If you are an Xcelsius developer and feel that you have what it takes to be a part of our Xcelsius Guru network and work with us on the more challenging projects..please send the following to Updated Resume Short explanation of Experience connecting w/ QaaWS, Live Office, SAP BI 7.0, Adobe LCDS Screenshots or [...]

Xcelsius SDK Challenge

This month SAP is holding the Innocentive Xcelsius SDK component challenge, enabling developers to create and submit innovative add-on solutions that bring value to the Xcelsius 2008 environment. This is a great opportunity to earn recognition for your submission(s) and to possibly claim some prize cash should you emerge as a category winner.