Getting Started With the Xcelsius 2008 SDK Topic 1: Common Items to Be Aware Of

In this multi-part series, we will enumerate fundamental pieces of the SDK and how to properly use them, including custom component development, property sheet development, component packaging and advanced component integration topics. Let’s get started with a few common items to be aware of. Dynamic Visibility Although there is not a utility available in Xcelsius [...]

NEWS: Centigon CSV Connector BETA Call!

We want to be first to let you know that Centigon will be opening its doors in June to accept BETA users, but as one of our readers you can sign up now to test their newest component, the ‘CSV Connector’!  For those who don’t know what CSV stands for it means ‘comma separated value’.  [...]

Webinar Alert: When to use SAP BOE to connect your dashboard?

Sorry for the late notice… If you are following us on Twitter or in our group this is old news, but Ryan Goodman and myself have teamed up again to deliver another dynamic webinar!  For those who are unaware our first webinar together last year, THANKS TO YOU, it was rated #1 in 2008 [...]

Video: Charting Best Practice for Easy Chart Switching

Have you ever created a Line chart, then decided you needed a Column chart? Making the switch between chart types is easy in Excel, but in Xcelsius there is no way to quickly change chart types. You simply have to start over. That means adding a new chart to your canvas, re-doing all your configurations, [...]

What Is Possible With The Xcelsius 2008 SDK?

I often receive the question “I want to do xyz with a Flex custom component integration in Xcelsius 2008, is that possible?”. Nearly every time, my answer is yes – as long as you’re developing using the proper version of Flex, you can pretty much do anything you want with the following general guidelines in [...]

Video: Conditionally Formatting Y-Axis Labels

Did you know that you can add colors to your custom number formatting in Excel?  Not only that, but you can leverage Excel’s custom number formatting to add color to all kinds of Xclesius components.  I recently produced a video demonstrating how to apply colors to Y-Axis labels based on simple conditions.  This is an easy way to add another layer [...]

Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 SDK FAQ’s

What kind of custom components can I build for my Xcelsius 2008 dashboards? You can build from scratch or extend any existing component that is available in the Flex 2.0.1 SDK. Below are some common cases (just to name a few) for custom component development. You may need to: Connect to custom data sources Design [...]

Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3 (FP3) is now available

Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3 (FP3) has arrived!! Click here to get it! Is there someone that you think may be interested in this article? Feel free to share (click below).

Get a FREE Xcelsius 2008 Present License Now!

We’re not kidding! To get in on this special offer, just follow these 3 simple steps: Sign up NOW for the webinar on Wednesday, March 25th, 2008 by clicking here! Attend the Webinar (Yes you have to show up! Outside of the free stuff we forgot to mention that the webinar itself is worth listening [...]

News Alert! – Centigon Webinars 3/12 and 3/19 !!

Just a reminder that Centigon has to 2 upcoming Webinars over the next 2 weeks. They will be presented by Ryan Goodman, owner of Centigon Solutions and Flex + Xcelsius dashboard expert (Ryan’s secret weapon) Evan Delodder. We wanted to provide our take on each webinar and why you might not want to miss out! [...]