News: BOBJ User Conference Early Bird Special Extended to 9/26!

We wanted to update and let everyone know that the ‘Early Bird Special’ that we mentioned last week for the upcoming Business Objects User Conference from Oct 20 – 22, 2008 has been extended to this Friday (9/26)! You can save $200 on registration! So if you missed last Friday be sure to sign up [...]

News: BOBJ User Conference Early Bird Special Ends Today!

We have to tell you about a conference that is going to take place next month that you absolutely have to attend! The BOBJ User Conference is taking place in Dallas, TX from Oct 20 -22, 2008! Not sure on whether or not to attend? Here are 3 good reasons why you should sign up [...]

Tip #10: How to Export Data from your Xcelsius Model?

Common Question: “Is there a way to export data from my Xcelsius model?” Simple Answer: Yes, let us introduce you to the Xport Wizard! As many of you may know, Ryan Goodman, one of the original Xcelsius Evangelist has started his own company Centigon Solutions…and also has his own blog Since we’ve known Ryan [...]

Which Xcelsius 2008 License to Purchase?

With the recent release of Xcelsius Present, and the ambiguity surrounding the new licensing structure of Xcelsius 2008, we thought it might be nice to provide a small Grid which describes which version of Xcelsius 2008 is comparable to the old Xcelsius 4.5 versions. (NOTE: This article is more for current 4.5 users than new [...]

Tip #9: How to Hide your Web Connectivity Buttons (Xcelsius 4.5)!

For those still using Xcelsius 4.5 (good choice) a common question is: “How can I hide my Web Service or XML Data Buttons?” Solution? Many fail to realize that you can use dynamic visibility to show/hide these components as well. Read below to find out how: 1. Open the Web Service or XML Data button [...]

Tip #8: Changing Xcelsius Mouse Over Colors in 5 Steps!

One small, but VERY common question asked by Xcelsius 2008 users is:“How can I change the background color of my chart mouse over boxes in my Xcelsius 2008 model?” Solution? Use the 5 simple steps below:1. On the Menu, Go to ‘Format’ -> ‘Color Scheme’ 2. Select ‘Create New’3. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’4. Select Tab [...]

News: Xcelsius 2008 Components SDK SP1 Available!

To those who are not aware, Business Objects an SAP Company recently released Service Pack 1 for the Xcelsius 2008 SDK. Follow this link to get it from the SAP website: They were also nice enough to create a short webinar on how to use it (goes by kind of quick, but still a [...]

3 Xcelsius 2008 Components to Avoid!

I guess we could rename this the BOBJ/SAP rant, but instead we’re just going to stick with ’3 Xcelsius Components to Avoid’! Unfortunately, some of these components were also on our Xcelsius 4.5 list. We really thought that BOBJ would put some more work into them for the Xcelsius 2008 rewrite….but they obviously had more [...]

Tip #7: Xcelsius Dynamic Visibility Video Tutorial!

We get so many questions from new users asking how to use the ‘Dynamic Visibility’ feature in Xcelsius 4.5 & 2008 that we created a short video tutorial! Before you Press ‘Play’ lets define Dynamic Visibility in Xcelsius: The ability to choose when a specific component is shown on the screen. The most common method [...]

Xcelsius 2008 Demo Source files found?!

Has anyone ever wondered whatever happened to the Xcelsius 2008 .xlf source files for the demos and samples provided on the current Demo website (see below)? For those who are familiar with the old Xcelsius 4.5 website you will recall that Business Objects used to provide the .xlf source files for most of their [...]