News: Xcelsius 2008 SP1 Now Available!

If you recall a few weeks ago we reported a rumor that the Xcelsius 2008 SP1 (Service Pack 1) would be available sometime in July 08? See original post here. Well, though our date was off by 2 weeks, the good news is that it’s here! We got the information below on how to download [...]

Using the Xcelsius 2008 Map Drill Down and Scenario Button

So we finally came to a decision on what our first template would be and here it is! Keep in mind we hope to crank out more of these, depending on your feedback. The Xcelsius chart components seem to be problematic to many users, so we decided to start with demoing how to use the [...]

Sample Calendar #1

News: Tips and tricks webinar for Xcelsius 2008 Templates hosted by SAP!

Can’t afford a professional designer for your dashboards but still need the look? On July 2, 2008 SAP hosted a live Webinar conducted by Clifford Alper, Director of Software Development at Analysis Factory. (They were our #1 choice for Xcelsius Template Galleries online!) The webinar is entitled “How-to Half Hours: Tips & Tricks for Customizing [...]

Guru Tip #6: How to still purchase Xcelsius 4.5?

Problem: Lately, there here has been a number users asking where and how they can still purchase Xcelsius 4.5 due to the numerous bugs surrounding the current release of Xcelsius 2008. SAP (formerly Business Objects) is no longer selling Xcelsius 4.5. Well we did some research and found that Amazon is the best place to [...]

News: Xcelsius 2008 General Best Practices Guide Available!

We just gained word that Business Objects (an SAP company) has released the ‘Xcelsius 2008 – General Best Practices Guide’. After a short review we recommend it to all users of the software (Xcelsius 4.5 included). We found the following topics of great interest: Excel Best Practices – It does a brief overview of how [...]

Rumor Alert! – Xcelsius 2008 SP1 Available?

Update 8/1/08: Xcelsius 2008 SP1 is now available! Click here for updated post.Update 7/14/08: Due to the number of inquiries regarding this post we want to clarify that this blog is in no way associated or affiliated with SAP. To find out more about who we are please visit out ‘About Us’ page. As of [...]

Rumor Alert! – SAP Scheduled to provide Hotfixes for Xcelsius 4.5 through 2008!

We just gained word that SAP (formerly Business Objects) is scheduled to provide hotfixes for Xcelsius 4.5 through 2008. The latest hotfix was posted in May 2008 (ver. For more details on how to install the latest hotfix please click here. We also advise that you bookmark the page and check back at least [...]

Guru Tip #5: How-to Download Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Latest Updates

Problem:Users of Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 should update their software to avoid experiencing problems with tools such as Live Office and Query as a Web Service.Solution: Download the latest updates here.Suggestion: Bookmark site and check back monthly for updates. Steps:1. Close Xcelsius 4.5 (if open)2. Go to the Crystal Xcelsius Monthly Hotfixes Webpage 3. Click on [...]

Rumor Alert! – Xcelsius Best Practices book scheduled to come out this October ?!

Recently we learned that Loren Abdulezer, owner of the Xcelsius Journal Blog and the Xcelsius Best Practices website is scheduled to bring out a book on Xcelsius Best Practices in October 2008! You can pre-order the book at Amazon. We also learned that this book was published by the Business Objects Press. Wonder why they [...]