Guru Review #2: 10 Xcelsius Template Websites you can’t live without!

Ever wonder where you can find some of the best Xcelsius templates on the web? Well look no further. Below we list and review the top 10 Xcelsius template websites we’ve seen online! While most of them do not contain downloadable source files, they are a great place to gain inspiration and ideas for dashboards [...]

Guru Tip #4 – Take 4 Simple Steps to Preview your Web Service Output Data using an Xcelsius Snapshot!

Problem: “Is there a way to see the output data of my web service (such as Query as a Web Service or other custom web services) from Xcelsius?” Solution: Take an Excel snapshot in Xcelsius.Note: Snapshots can be taken in many formats (Excel, Flash, HTML, Power Point, Outlook, Adobe PDF) Great method for debugging, validating [...]

Guru Tip #3: Automate Back up of Xcelsius Files in 2 Steps!

Problem: “My Xcelsius source file is corrupt. Cannot preview or open! File lost. Please help?” Bad News First: Unless you did what we are suggesting below ALREADY, your current file is lost. We suggest looking through old sent emails for older versions of your file or contacting your company’s IT department to find out more [...]

Guru Tip #2 – How To Open Xcelsius 4.5 file in Xcelsius 2008?

Problem: Cannot open Xcelsius 4.5 file in Xcelsius 2008 ?! Solution: Do NOT directly try to open file in Xcelsius 2008! Open Xcelsius 2008 first and then use File -> Open to find and open Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 file.Note: This action CANNOT be reversed!! The Xcelsius 4.5 can never open in Xcelsius 2008 again!. Be [...]

Guru Review #1: "5 Other NEW Cool Features in Xcelsius 2008!"

If you are anywhere in the Xcelsius 2008 online world you are probably aware of the 2 great articles that exist covering this topic: 1. Ryan Goodman’s ‘Top 10 Xcelsius 2008 Features’2. Maloy Manna’s ‘What’s new in Xcelsius – Top Ten Features’If not, feel free to click on the links above (after reading below of [...]

Guru Tip #1 – Increase Number of Rows in Crystal Xcelsius in Just 2 Steps!

Problem: “I get the following message “Data has been Truncated” when I click to ‘Preview’ dashboard in Crystal Xcelsius. How can I make this go away? Solution: Increase the Maximum Number of Rows in Crystal Xcelsius.Note: Business Objects recommends not to exceed 512 rows, however we have increased this number up to 5000 and our [...]

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