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Advanced Printing for Xcelsius is Here… Finally!

A few months ago, I received an email with a subject, “check out this print component” from Gabriel Braun at DataSavvy Tools. When I fired it up, I had a smile ear-to-ear because I was sitting in front of exactly what every customer has been asking me for the last 5 years… A robust print [...]


Operational Reporting: Leveraging Crystal Reports as a Model for Embedded BI

As I attempt to describe in the below figure, there are a few types of BI that are currently available from BI vendors. Historically, most BI deployments began with pure reporting that delivered information to those who needed it for making decisions. Those reports were either printed or delivered electronically via email or a portal. [...]

SAP High Level Product Portfolio

Enterprise Reporting: How does Crystal Reports fit in and where is it going?

Crystal Reports began in 1988 under the name of Quik Reports DOS. It was created out of necessity, as the original developers needed a better tool for generating views of the data contained within their accounting application.  Through the years, the product has been integrated into many applications and development environments, but has remained a [...]

Steve Lucas and Adam Binnie


Hi Folks, The most anticipated event of the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects conference is finally here and its BIGGER and BETTER! We are excited to formally announce the Official SAP BI4 Release Party (aka the 3rd Annual Xcelsius Gurus Reception), hosted by none other than myself Mico Yuk (founder of Benchmarkers.com and EverythingXcelsius.com) and the infamous Steve Lucas, [...]

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Xcelsius Bootcamp Tour Special!

I know I have not blogged in a while on EX (this will change in 2012), but I wanted to share some exciting news.  The Xcelsius Gurus have joined forces with SAP Wispubs to do a 4-city Xcelsius Bootcamp tour (Chicago, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, and Copenhagen).  We had a sold-out crowd in Chicago last week, [...]

Coy W Yonce III

Interested in Reporting? New SAP Crystal Reports Content Coming Soon

Welcome to the first of many posts on Everything Xcelsius that will cover Crystal Reports. The goal for this post is to introduce myself and explain the series of posts that you will be seeing over the coming months. So let’s get straight to the first of these topics. My name is Coy Yonce and [...]

SAP Echohub Analytics

The value of the SAP BusinessObjects Ecosystem

Ryan Goodman’s last post, Understanding BI4 Dashboards and XWIS, drew a couple of comments (here and there) expressing frustration that capabilities of third party extensions ought to be delivered as a native part of the SAP Business Objects product. To my mind this is a glass-half-empty view of things. Although the BI4/XI3 platforms come with [...]


Understanding BI4 Dashboards and XWIS

If you’re using Xcelsius (now SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards) for your enterprise dashboard projects, by not looking beyond what comes “in the box,” you may well miss out on capabilities which could make a critical difference to your project; even with the advent of BI4. What you get with SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards is one of the [...]

BIWS Part 2

Xcelsius and Business Intelligence Web Services (BIWS)- Part 2

As a follow up to my blog on BIWS, I created two videos to show you the concepts of creating and consuming BI Web Services. The demonstrations were done using BI 4.0. In this first video, I create a web service and demonstrate how to validate it from an already developed Web Intelligence report. In this [...]

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The Five “Unorthodox Principles for Dashboard Success”

Over the past several years, in my time at SAP BusinessObjects and more recently with Antivia, I’ve been privileged to witness many dashboard projects at many different organizations around the world. Looking back on these, I realized that aside from the mainstream Business Intelligence principles which most people talk about (e.g. involve the business users, [...]