Mico SP4 Announcement

NEWS ALERT! Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 4 (SP4) is now available to everyone!

Hi Everyone, Last week on Twitter we saw an annoucment that Xcelsius 2008 Service Pack 4 (SP4) with support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 (32-bit) was available from the Service Marketplace. Today we were notified that SAP has officially announced its availability on the general download site (see the official announcement from Matt Lloyd). This [...]


Xcelsius SDK Tips

During everyday development with the Xcelsius SDK there are quite a few things that can be taken for granted once you get comfortable with the technology and process. These “for-granteds” can often be points overlooked by developers getting started with the SDK and can cause considerable pain if they’re not properly evaluated and accounted for [...]


Mico’s #SAPPHIRENOW / #ASUG2011 Schedule

Hi Everyone, With less than 3 days left for the SAPPHIRENOW / ASUG2011 Conference in Orlando, FL,  I just wanted to do a quick check-in. Before I get to my schedule, I wanted to share my interview from 2 weeks ago with Liz Brenner: “Follow the Leader: Living Her Dream- the Brave Mico Yuk“, for [...]

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What are Dashboards really for?

Dashboards are for Action, Not Information! Given how much has been said about Business Intelligence over the years, it is hard to imagine that someone could, within the 140 character constraint, use a single post on Twitter (I still can’t quite bring myself to say “tweet”) to impart real wisdom about BI, but a few [...]


Casting Call- Xcelsius Usability Testing at SAPPHIRE ASUG Annual Conference

Calling all Xcelsius fans! It’s that time again!! The SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) product team will be conducting usability tests on-site again at SAP ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando (May 16-18, 2011). Don’t miss out on this great chance for you to test out and provide feedback on the latest enhancements and features under development for a [...]


NEWS ALERT! Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.5 (FP3.5) his now available!

Hi Everyone, We are happy to announce the release of Xcelsius 2008 Fix Pack 3.5 (FP3.5). The Fix Pack must be applied to Xcelsius 2008 SP3 (version: or any of the previous fix packs. If you don’t already have it installed, please click here. You can Download FP3.5 now by clicking here. Please be aware…there are two different [...]


Xcelsius and Business Intelligence Web Services (BIWS)

With the limited availability of scalable data connectivity options for Xcelsius, are you constantly seeking  to improve your dashboard performance?  If your answer is ‘YES’, then this post is for you. Easily connecting to an ‘Enterprise database’ is a well known problem when using SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards (formerly known as Xcelsius). Let’s refer to it [...]


Xcelsius News: Interview with Donald MacCormick (@donaldmac) about being back in BI with Antivia

Being the first to deliver all news, we heard recently that having left SAP BusinessObjects 2 years ago, Donald MacCormick, the former CTO of BusinessObjects who played an instrumental role in the acquisition of Xcelsius by BusienssObjects in 2003, is heading back to the world of BI to become the Chief Product and Marketing Officer [...]


Your ONE MUST HAVE Xcelsius feature…

The question is if you could have 1, and only 1 feature added to Xcelsius that would provide the most impact to all of your dashboards, and never have another new feature again… what would it be?


Webinar Alert: Improving Xcelsius Dashboard Performance

Join Mike Alexander (Author, Crystal Xcelsius for Dummies & Microsoft Excel MVP) and Mico Yuk (SAP Mentor & Co-Founder, Benchmarkers Business Intelligence) on Friday, April 8, 2011, at 1pm EST, for a one hour webinar, titled: “Improving Xcelsius Dashboard Performance“. In this session, Mike and Mico will share some techniques you can use to speed up your sluggish [...]