Advanced Printing for Xcelsius is Here… Finally!

A few months ago, I received an email with a subject, “check out this print component” from Gabriel Braun at DataSavvy Tools. When I fired it up, I had a smile ear-to-ear because I was sitting in front of exactly what every customer has been asking me for the last 5 years… A robust print button capable of letting me choose what I want to print, control layout, and print to landscape or portrait. So I am happy to say that thanks to the Data Savvy Tools ingenuity, the community now has a fantastic option for printing: Dash Printer

While we try to keep promotions to a minimum on, we could not resist posting about this new component because it is so heavily requested among customers. While some would argue that a basic function like printing should be taken care of by SAP, history has told us that they prefer to use the ecosystem to fill in certain gaps. Frankly, I don’t think that it could have been done any better than this.

After clicking on the print icon, you can click and drag to draw the area for which you will print. This way if you only want a portion of your dashboard printed, you can do so.

While still inside of your dashboard, you can instantly toggle the scale, margins, layout, and alignment of your image to print exactly what you want. This way every user is presented with the same visual print setup regardless of operating system.

So if you need an advanced print button for Xcelsius, you can now look to DataSavy Tools for a sound solution moving forward. Get the Dash Printer NOW!

Ryan Goodman is the Founder of Centigon Solutions, an SAP® software solution partner, that is strategically focused on developing add-on products for use with Xcelsius®. To learn more about him, please visit our Gurus page.

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9 Responses to “Advanced Printing for Xcelsius is Here… Finally!”

  1. Agreed.

    Took a look at this a few weeks back. It’s just what customers are asking for and what should have been available out of the box.

  2. John Boughtflower says:

    Also looked at this a little while ago, good component. A little over priced, and should be out of the box.
    But great to see e printing problem solved.


  3. Ryan Goodman says:

    When customers or partners says “it is the way it should have been done in the first place” it is a great compliment to the team who created the solution. Great job Data Savvy Tools!

  4. Femke says:

    indeed finally a print button worth placing on the dashboard.

  5. Murali says:

    Yeah really good one.Good Job Data Savvians -:)

  6. Jeff Johnson says:

    This is an excellent product that truly many of my customers have been requesting for years. That being said I still think the print functionality out of the box should work a lot better than it does so at least customers aren’t hancuffed to go with an addon to actually get print functionality. If you are going to incorporate an addon out of the box, make it work for most situations, don’t add a component that no one will use and throw out an excuse like letting the ecosystem fill the gaps to make the out of the box stuff more robust. Customers aren’t going to like the fact that they are paying top dollar for SAP products and then have to dish out more money to 10 different 3rd party companies to get the “filled-in” gaps in a product. Sorry for the rant, defenitely don’t want to take away from the product and the work they’ve don’t at Data Savvy Tools, it is a great print feature for DD.

  7. Mico Yuk says:


    I think most customers feel this way, but the reality is that SAP hasn’t innovated Xcelsius in a long time and they themselves are preaching about utilizing 3rd party vendors. It’s just the reality until they can move this forward.


  8. Kapil Malik says:

    Nice Component. However, this can be acheieved via Snag-it or Snipping tool if you are on Win 7. I would prefer if this component can print the data as well.

  9. I have a customer who is using the standard out of the box Print component. Was acceptable for awhile. However, I suspect with a recent Flash upgrade…everyone is getting printouts with missing components or half components etc.. Does this tool bypass all those sorts of issues?

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