Basic Custom Data Grid Component for Xcelsius

Basic Data Grid

Recently, a person new to the SDK asked how to create a custom read-only data grid component for Xcelsius.  Luckily, this is fairly easy to achieve with one read-only property integration with the SDK. This basic example could be extended to include style and selector functionality and can hopefully serve as a base for anyone interested in developing a custom grid. This isn’t performance optimized and is meant to be very simplistic, so if you do decide to run with it, you’ll need to do some basic housekeeping to get your component up to snuff.

Why would someone want this?

Most likely due to performance enhancement opportunities, word-wrapping and dynamic formatting and/or dynamic selection capabilities, which are all common features desired by many who use the list view and grid-type components. If you’d like to see some of these features implemented in a subsequent blog post, leave a comment on which one(s) you’d like.

You can download the source files for the data grid here.

Evan DeLodder is CTO at Centigon Solutions, an SAP Partner focused on the development of cutting edge mapping technologies in the Business Intelligence space. To learn more about him, please visit our Gurus page.

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6 Responses to “Basic Custom Data Grid Component for Xcelsius”

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  2. Susanana says:

    Great program. I’ve just started Flex and Xcelsius. I’m glad to find a fairly simple custom component that actually works for me. I’ve been playing around with adding a ‘Title’ to the grid itself. I have the style sheet portion working where I can bind data from the Excel spreadsheet to the grid data and a title, but the actual Title does not show up on the screen when added as a custom component in Xcelsius. When I test in Flex, it’s there. I am using for the title. I added the label above the in Grid.mxml. I added getter/setter to XCDataGrid and to Grid.mxml. I think XCDataGrid needs more modification to link the title to the part where the graph is built. I have this in XCDataGrid…
    [Bindable]private var _title:String = “Title”;
    public function set title(value:String):void {
    _title = value;
    public function get title():String
    return _title;

    Thanks for a great example!

  3. Dan Jaso says:

    Great starter example to work from Evan! This and the Centigon Flexcelsius training enabled me to quickly fill a need for a customized datagrid.

  4. Evan DeLodder says:

    @Susanana Thanks, I’m glad you’re finding it useful. The label issue your experiencing could potentially have to do with losing styles at runtime in Xcelsius. It’s an annoying problem, you may want to check out this post and see if it helps. http://everythingxcelsius.com/2010/07/custom-component-style-preservation.html

    @Dan Awesome to hear!! So glad to hear you’re up and running. Take care.

  5. Pravin says:

    My Xcelsius instance hangs will try to install the xgrid add-on, any solution?

  6. Julio says:

    Do you have the version of this component in FLEX 4? I have tried to install it but is not compatible with Dashboard version.

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