Breaking Boundaries with Custom Components Pt 2

Last week we showed you how to share data between swf files in an SCDD dashboard. One limitation was that the shared data was not coming back up through the SCDD Excel model in a manner that native SCDD components could consume. This week, that problem has been eliminated as the example below illustrates. By using a very simple “input” and “output” component, we can share large volumes of data, not only between custom components, but with the entire SCDD model.

The caveats from the previous components still apply, but the data restrictions have been lifted. This is a very simple example that could be extended to share data between production models in an infinitely customizable and more sophisticated way.

Update source code can be found here.

* The event dispatching and listening needs to be cleaned up and will be in a subsequent post. SCDD is preventing some normal event behavior and the current event structure is a temporary workaround to ensure data is updated across the board.

Evan DeLodder is a Senior Software Engineer focused on the development and application of cutting edge Rich Internet Application technologies in the Business Intelligence space. To learn more about him, please visit our Gurus page

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3 Responses to “Breaking Boundaries with Custom Components Pt 2”

  1. Sougata says:

    Hi Evan,
    Great post! Wanted to have this badly!!!
    But unfortunately I could not find your source codes in the link given here (pointing to another code for multi-select).
    Can you please either email the code or pls update the link with the correct code?
    Many thanks.
    Am very keen to see this one!

  2. Sougata says:

    Hi Evan,
    I have found one serious limitation in this add-on. Althoughyou can pass parameters from the parent for displaying to the child, you cannot write any functions like “if then else” or “vlookup” on that. The only function that works in the child, is a “concatenate”. Ths seriously undermines the benefits of having this add-on, as one cannot do much with the passed parameter value other than just displaying. Pls let me knw if I ammissing out something or there is any work-around available to this.
    Another point I noticed is that you have to use both Datashare and Datashareoutput component in the child and a datashare component in the parent. Is it always the case?

  3. Evan says:

    Hi Sougata,

    We’re working to fix the link, please email me at evan at centigonsolutions dot com to get the source in the mean time.

    As for the limitations you site, you can perform any operation you desire with the source code in-hand. This example was just a very basic setup to illustrate how one could achieve such functionality and is not considered or recommended as a qualified add-on. It would need work done to get it project-ready. With that said, by implementing any specific needs in Flex, one could get it to that point.


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