Casting Call- Xcelsius Usability Testing at SAPPHIRE ASUG Annual Conference

Calling all Xcelsius fans! It’s that time again!!

The SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) product team will be conducting usability tests on-site again at SAP ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando (May 16-18, 2011). Don’t miss out on this great chance for you to test out and provide feedback on the latest enhancements and features under development for a future Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) release.  Below is the official blurb that will appear in conference materials, but you can sign up before you even get to Florida to ensure a time slot convenient for you. The instructions are at the bottom of this post.


Description Great chance to test out and provide feedback on the lastest enhancements and new features under development for a future Dashboard Design release, including hierarchical data consumption and new data binding workflows.
Role/s BI users who have experience building/consuming dashboards in Dashboard Design (Xcelsius), preferably working in a BusinessObjects Enterprise environment.

Role A: Dashboard Creator: with IT background

Role B: Dashboard Consumer: with business background

Previous Experientce Some experience with Dashboard Design (Xcelsius) is a must. BusinessObjects Enterprise experience is optional, but preferred.

Role A: Dashboard Creator:

  • IT or power users working for enterprise wide, LoB wide or departments; build content for decision maker/stakeholders.
  • Professional IT experience >5y (programming languages, database )
  • BI Tool experience (data modeling tool/ analytic tool/excel )

Role B: Dashboard Consumer:

  • Casual users who view/present the created dash boards and make decision upon (can be Executives, team managers or operational staff)
  • E-commerce knowledge background.
Preview You will work with our researchers to test on the prototypes for a future release of Dashboard Design relating to hierarchical data consumption, direct data binding and other enhancements, which are amongst most important features for 4.1. During the session you will be guided to go through a series of tasks under several senarios where you may have a taste of what they would actually function. What you really experienced in the process and comments/advices will be critical to base the design desicion.
How to sign-up on-line 1. Go to http://usability.sap.com.
2. Click on “ASUG Annual Conference 2011″.
3. Click the “Register here” link on the left-hand side (in the Login section) and create an account.
4. Log in to your account.
5. Click on “Topic Catalog” on the left-hand side.
6. Under “Topics”, select “
SAP BusinessObjects Dashboard Design (Xcelsius)
7. Find a convenient time slot and click “Sign Up”.

Please feel free to contact Clare Xie (clare.xie@sap.com) if there is any questions or thoughts. We looking forward to seeing you in Orlando next month!

Soo Tang Yuk is the ‘Xcelsius Gurus Network” community manager and evangelist. To find out more about her, please visit the About Us page.

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