How to Make the Most of Your Xcelsius 2008 Dashboards

At the recent ASUG conference in Orlando, it was clear to everyone that the majority of the excitement and buzz at the conference was centered on the Business Intelligence side of SAP’s business- and most of that excitement was focused on Xcelsius, which is mainly due to its devoted community.

Antivia’s founder, Mark Hudson, gave a presentation during the ASUG conference to a packed room,  about why Xcelsius is so popular and how it’s becoming the business intelligence primary interface for many BusinessObjects users.

Some of the reasons he cited were:

  • Flash format means Xcelsius dashboards can be viewed almost anywhere on almost any device
  • Easy intuitive interface requires almost no training. Users are often expected to just figure it out
  • Xcelsius is a natural evolution of BI within an organization, as mature BI customers  move from operational reporting through ad-hoc querying to visualizations

I speak with Xcelsius customers every day (they are the only people I speak to all day!) and the consistent feedback I get is that they all want to do more with the product. They want to make more dashboards, populate them with increasing amounts of data and distribute to a growing number of users.

They want to build on the strengths of Xcelsius (the ease of use, the interactivity, the visualizations), and add features which enhance all of these strengths and provide the dashboard user with an greatly enhanced user experience.  Features like drill-down, offline access,  ad-hoc interactive analysis, and pivot tables. They want to use Xcelsius to extend the reach of business intelligence, along with its associated benefits, across their organizations.

Antivia will be hosting a webinar this Thursday, October 28, at 2pm EST, to show how organizations can use Xcelsius to extend BI to new users and can build upon the strengths that Xcelsius brings to their dashboard projects.  If you are interested in how you can make Xcelsius dashboards more quicker, scale them to a greater number of users, and provide advanced interactive features, then this webinar will be a good starting point to build your dashboard blueprint.

Please click here to register for the webinar. We look forward to seeing to you there!

Soo Tang Yuk fosters and evangelizes the ‘Xcelsius Gurus Network” and its communities. To find out more about her, please visit the About Us page. (posted on behalf of Andrew Smith, VP of Antivia, North America)

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