Your ONE MUST HAVE Xcelsius feature…

I have seen several lists of features that individuals request over the years. Having designed hundreds of Xcelsius dashboards myself, I am so used to the technology that I have put a box around how I design applications. Now that I have been involved in designing applications outside of Xcelsius, coming back inside of the environment leaves me with several gripes. I don’t know about you, but there are just a few added features that would make a HUGE impact on my design decisions. For instance:

Dynamic selection property for table, scorecard, list view, and charts

All standard selectors (label menu, listbox, etc) allow you to bind the selection on the behavior tab, which is heavily used by many dashboard developers I know. For some reason, this property was omitted from the most popular selectors. This little feature has negatively impacted more than 70% of my dashboards, creating a less than optimal user experience. If SAP gave me this one property, my ability to build exactly what customers ask for would increase 10 fold. The order of importance for which components get this property starts at tables, then charts, then toggle selectors.

So, what is that ONE feature that you can no longer live without in Xcelisus?

If you could have ONE, and only ONE feature, added to Xcelsius that would provide the most impact to all of your dashboards, and never have another new feature again… what would it be?

Make sure SAP Hears You!

Once you have thought about this and shared it with the group here, I will make sure that all of the powers that be, view this post, but you also need to ensure that your request is officially put into the SAP request list. To do this, copy your request into the official SAP Idea page to ensure your voice is heard. The community really needs to ensure that we are asking for the right things to make Xcelsius an order of magnitude better than it is today. Thanks for your help.

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Ryan Goodman is the Founder of Centigon Solutions, an SAP® software solution partner, that is strategically focused on developing add-on products for use with Xcelsius®. To learn more about him, please visit our Gurus page.

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12 Responses to “Your ONE MUST HAVE Xcelsius feature…”

  1. Kalyan Verma says:

    Completely Agree Ryan!
    Since we are talking selectors. One of the most important features that I can ask for is the ability to select multiple items. I know there is List Builder, however we need to take the screen real estate into consideration too. There had been so many requests for this feature that I had to use alternate methods like multiple Check Boxes etc. to achieve this.

    How about simply adding a property to the existing List Box and Combo Box components to enable multiple selections? Although it sounds simple, I’m sure it is going to make a huge difference.

    I’ve already posted these ideas on the SAP Idea Place.

    Kalyan Verma

  2. Definitely the most desired feature Ryan.

    Few desired items from my side:

    1) With the table selector components is (List View, Score Card) is that blank rows don’t automatically shrink/hide. In a typical SAP environment, you can’t gauge the row sizing so you tend allocate more rows and the ignore blank option doesn’t remove them from display
    2) Ability to print individual charts or component view from a multi-pane dashboard
    3) Ability to find out the user locale information from Excel so that we can pass the correct format date format (MM/DD/YYYY or DD.MM.YYYY) back to SAP BW. The dates themselves are stored in gregorian format in Excel that doing logic on them is very cumbersome.


  3. Trey Wales says:

    #1 Xcelsius need right now: functionality to Print/PDF an executive summary report.

    Our clients love to use the dashboards for scenario modeling but cannot print a comprehensive summary of changes, impacts, etc. Clients have gone as far as to ask for a multi-page report with a cover sheet, reformatted for the appropriate audience. Other clients have had issues printing to PDF with the current button and would prefer a direct export to PDF, even if single page.

    Big undertaking I presume, but the current Print button has little use for us.

  4. David Lai says:

    Hey Ryan,
    I posted that request on the SAP Idea place a while ago and the Tree Explorer but unfortunately nothing was done to address the ideas on the new version of Xcelsius. Not being able to dynamically select chart drilldowns is a major issue, as whenever there is any data change on a chart, it will automatically drills on the previously selected bar, even if a user doesn’t want to do so. Anyhow it looks like SAP focused mainly on BI4, which I must admit had a pleasant facelift.

    Keep up the good work with the Xcelsius addons!


  5. Mayank Jain says:

    There are several of them which I would like to point –
    a) Ability to export the data from dashboard to excel and print individual components; also if there is a scroll bar in dashboard itself the Print button does not print everything but it prints only what you see on screen
    b) They should come up with some form of aggregation engine
    c) I agree with Kalyan that we should have the ability to select multiple items from selectors


  6. Dhruv says:

    I agree with the first point made by Mayank Jain. i.e exporting a particular part to powerpoint or even the clipboard so that it can be pasted anywhere.

    And I would like one more thing…i.e. export the data to excel as clinets like to play around with the data.

  7. Greg Wayne says:

    How about the ability to mix and match components from different themes

  8. Suman says:

    Hey Ryan,

    Need some more component like hierarchy view.


  9. Sean Woodman says:

    Honestly I would have to say my heart is set on a commitment to a more robust SDK and a platform shift to the latest Flex/Flash platform.
    I believe some amazing things would be possible within the visualization space if we were allowed to harness the advances in the platform since 2008. Alchemy and its new opcodes have given Flash some speed, pixel bender has given it some teeth (its amazing at raw math compared to Flash 9, think of what a rewrite of the excel functions would do here) and the new hardware engine in 11 will push 3d video rendering up to the point where things could get very interesting.

  10. Kumar says:

    Here are couple I would like (I have a big wish list though).

    Some selector components have Data Insertion of ‘Filtered Rows’ type. A ‘Filtered Columns’ capability would save writing lots of excel formulas.

    The Play selector component should have a property to Trigger the Play when a Cell value changes or when it becomes equal to some value.

  11. Sue says:

    Ability to PRINT or export all data in a table, screen shot is not enough. Printing / expoting should encompass all data present.

  12. Sangeetha says:

    I agree with kalyan on the multiselect option on the combo box or list box.

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