Review #3: Background Builder – Revive your User Interface!

(10/29 – Article Updated to provide .swf download)

A few weeks ago, we introduced you to a company named Centigon Solutions, who is in the business of creating Xcelsius 2008 Flex custom components! As one of the pioneers in this very new segment, they’ve managed to create some very practical, but much needed and very exciting Xcelsius components.

The ‘Background Builder’ is an awesome example. Not only is it God sent to the design challenged developer…but it allows any Xcelsius user to ‘Revive their dashboard User Interfaces’ with the click of a mouse! Be sure to read until the end…we have a special limited time offer only available through our blog for our readers..and no we don’t get a dime. It’s just a must have! :)

So what is the ‘Background Builder’? It’s a simple Xcelsius Add On that takes 5 minutes to install, 30-45 minutes to create a new design and can literally save you hundreds, if not thousands in custom design work for your Xcelsius dashboards. Don’t believe us?! See our example below.

Here is the Supply Chain dashboard template that comes with Xcelsius 2008 SP1. It was designed by a professional designer and looks great.

Before: Original Supply Chain Dashboard (done by Professional Designer)
Below is the revision that we did. It took us about 30 mins. We started from scratch and we were quite surprised with the results! See for yourself…interact with the model below. Oh yeah….did we mention that Centigon’s support is awesome?!

After – Our Revised Supply Chain Dashboard (Click on picture to open demo and download .swf / .xlf files)

Note: Downloading the model will require you to download at minimum, a free trial of the background builder. The free trial will allow you to view this background, download other templates from Centigon to use in your models and create your own cool backgrounds…but until a license is bought the design will disappear in 7 days.

Have no fear! We’ve arranged a special Centigon’s components bundle package through the month of Nov as an early Happy Holiday and thank you to all of our readers.

You can save $15 off the Xcelsius plugins components bundle for Xcelsius 2008. The components that come packaged in this bundle include Background Builder, Dynamic Sort, and Reverse Selector. When combined, these components will streamline the Xcelsius dashboard development process and add functionality that will make your dashboards look and perform much better than ever before!

Get a coupon code now: http://centigonsolutions.com/landingpages/coupon1.html

Happy Holidays! Feel free to send us screenshots of what you did…we’d love to see..Thanks!

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