Overview of Xcelsius 2008 SP3 – Part I (Video)

Xcelsius Service Pack 3I know it’s not a breaking news anymore that Xcelsius SP3 is out there to download. However, I tried to put together a video post on the same. I’m sure by now many of you must have already downloaded the new SP3 and playing with the new and exciting features and components like a little kid who just got his/her Christmas gift. Trust me, I did the same. This is a 2 part video post series. Part I is all about Downloading, Installing and the New Components. Part 2 is all about the new features. I encourage you all to subscribe to our RSS feed so that you don’t miss out on Part 2 video.

Apart from showing how to Download, Install and talking about the new components, I also quickly demonstrated how to use them. Beginners might find it a little hard to follow. Please note that this is just to introduce the components. We will be doing a series of Text and Video posts in the near future to demonstrate the full functionality of the new components.

Kalyan Verma is a BI consultant, freelance Xcelsius Developer and a Web Blogger. He is based out of Boston, MA and his technology interests range from BI to Visual Data Analysis. Visit our Gurus page for more info.

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13 Responses to “Overview of Xcelsius 2008 SP3 – Part I (Video)”

  1. Hans says:

    Great job Kalyan!! in a very short time I got everything I neeed to know. I hope I can see more videos from you.

  2. Kalyan Verma says:

    Thanks Hans! Appreciate it.

  3. Yash says:

    Excellent video Kalyan. Thanks a lot for your help.

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  5. Karl says:


    Thank you for a great informative video!

  6. Lee says:

    Sp3 will not allow me to create Adobe Air applications. It is greyed out in the menu and the help function does not help. Help! Lee

  7. Kalyan Verma says:

    @Karl, Thank You!
    @Lee, What version of Xcelsius are you running?

  8. Srikanth says:

    Nice work Kalyan, Got the copy today!!!

  9. Kalyan Verma says:

    @Srikanth, Thank You!

  10. Vinay says:

    Thanks for the heads up.
    You reference a part 2 video do you know where i can view this please?

  11. Mico Yuk says:


    The part 2 videos will be up next week Tuesday 1/26/2010. Thanks!


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  13. Ramagopal says:


    I am very new to Xcelsius 2008. I have 6+ years experience in BO in different versions.

    I want to know the details and more information on Xcelsius certification Exams. I would also request to you share me the path where I can find all videos of yours on Xcelsius 2008.

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