Guru Tip #6: How to still purchase Xcelsius 4.5?

Problem: Lately, there here has been a number users asking where and how they can still purchase Xcelsius 4.5 due to the numerous bugs surrounding the current release of Xcelsius 2008. SAP (formerly Business Objects) is no longer selling Xcelsius 4.5.

Well we did some research and found that Amazon is the best place to obtain the software. (Keep in mind that most sites NOW require that they ship you the software as opposed to downloading it online).

1. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Standard Full Product
The Standard version allows the user to create dashboards, scorecards, dynamic charts and graphs, business presentations and much more right from their desktop. This is the most basic version of the software and is great for Excel users who just need a more visually enhanced way to display their data.

Note: This version does not allow the user to connect their dashboards to databases or other outside data sources such as XML etc.

2. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Professional Full Product
Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Professional is for those who want to take their interactive data visualization to the next level. You receive all the capabilities of Crystal Xcelsius Standard, plus advanced components and key features like drill-down animated charts, one-click export to PDF, broad Excel function support, and more. We highly recommend Excel power users start with this version as the addition functionalities can prove most useful.

3. Crystal Xcelsius 4.5 Pro Upgrade (Standard To Professional)
If you are currently using the Xcelsius 4.5 Standard version and would like to take your visualizations to the next level by upgrading to Xcelsius 4.5 Professional this version is for you!

International buyers please click here to purchase.

** Once you load the software don’t forget to download the latest hotfix here!

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