Video: Charting Best Practice for Easy Chart Switching

Have you ever created a Line chart, then decided you needed a Column chart? Making the switch between chart types is easy in Excel, but in Xcelsius there is no way to quickly change chart types. You simply have to start over. That means adding a new chart to your canvas, re-doing all your configurations, an apply the formatting as needed.

Well in this video, I show you how a simple charting best practice and save you tons of time and energy.

Mike Alexander is the author of several books on advanced business analysis, including Crystal Xcelsius For Dummies. You can find Mike at, where he serves as principle contributor and shares free video tutorials with the Microsoft Office and Xcelsius communities.


2 Responses to “Video: Charting Best Practice for Easy Chart Switching”

  1. Kalyan Verma says:

    The Video does not load. Tried in IE and Firefox. Negative.

  2. Mico Yuk says:

    Hey Kalyan,

    The videos are actually being streamed from YouTube. If your behind a corporate firewall this may hamper your ability to view them until going home. We are working on ways to resolve this issue. Thanks!

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